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SaproHumus is 100% organic! Highly efficient, environmentally friendly fertilizer designed for:

  • fundamental improvement of the agrochemical indicators of all types of soils
  • for a significant increase in yield, in all crops in agriculture, horticulture
  • greenhouses, orchards, ornamental plants and landscaping, in the cultivation of flowers, etc.

SaproHumus has no analogue in terms of its qualities, properties and functionality. With it you get and save:

  • long-term action 5 -7 and more years (depending on its application)
  • reduces the need for irrigation in all types of crops by more than 50%
  • increases yield by up to 80% (for some crops)
  • authentic tastes of the products
  • significantly increases the durability of products.

And the price? Divide the price by at least 5 !!!

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