Planting trees

Planting trees in accelerated mode

Every year about 26 billion trees are destroyed on Earth, and only 15 billion are planted. In addition, the technique of manual planting is not optimal from almost any point of view, except for the effectiveness of seedling growth. The traditional system of planting trees is inefficient and very expensive. The technology developed by our company allows you to plant trees 10 times faster and 30% cheaper than traditional methods and manual planting. We have combined state-of-the-art technology, software, and environmental sciences to optimize traditional tree planting methods and accelerate reforestation.

What will you get?

The technology developed by the company will allow us to sow territories faster, than in the traditional way. The method eliminates the additional costs required for growing seedlings in the nursery for 12-24 months and allows you to grow crops even on infertile soils.

  • Automated seeding technology.

  • Accelerating the process of seed germination.

  • Saving time and money.

  • Creation of green plantations in hard-to-reach areas and difficult landscapes.

  • Reducing the risk of error when using the human factor.

How is the process of planting trees?


In the first phase, with the help of a drone system, the company not only sends a drone with seeds to scatter them over the ground but uses detailed information about the area to build a high-quality 3D map of the area where possible landings are planned. After that, the drones make an "assessment of landing activities" in the area. Due to careful preparation and mapping, it is unlikely that the capsule will encounter an obstacle.


In the second stage, sowing begins - with the help of compressed air, drones eject capsules from a small air gun, pre-encapsulated with a nutrient hydrogel to ensure a high intensity of nutrient absorption. Under the action of pressure, the pneumatic system accelerates the capsules at the start and they reach the desired depth. The capsule may also contain potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and fertilizers, which are applied to the optimum depth and allow the seeds to grow faster.


After planting, the same drones monitor the growth of young trees through photo and video monitoring of the fields. It is technically possible for one pilot to control six drones simultaneously, providing 100,000 landings in one day. We change the material and the place of planting so as to ensure the maximum survival of plants. When scattered from the air, the seeds can be found on rocks or in swamps, where they will not germinate. But drones control this process.

Advantages of the service

Our solution improves the efficiency of two methods: planting by hand and delivery of dry seeds by air. First, planting germinated seeds using high-precision farming methods increases the likelihood that the tree will take root. Second, scalable, automated technology significantly reduces labor costs and requirements. And maps drawn with the help of drones will provide invaluable assistance in drawing up the scheme of plantings, landscape planning and will help to better calculate the time.

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