Monitoring of deforestation

Unmanned solutions for forest conservation

We help counter growing deforestation by expanding the real-time monitoring capabilities of the government, civil society, and local landowners. The cost of the method of monitoring deforestation, its availability, and innovative approach is already a unique opportunity for forestry. The involvement of drones for modern monitoring systems on large perimeters provides a number of advantages over the use of traditional methods.

Problems that hinder the preservation of forests

The company is directly addressing four key issues that hinder forest conservation and management:

  • First, there is a lack of relevant information on deforestation.

  • Second, there is a need to improve coordination with the government on how information on deforestation is used to influence public authorities.

  • Third, there is a lack of ability to verify and identify drivers and logging workers identified by remote satellites.

  • Fourth, forest managers and other professionals responsible for forest control are poorly equipped to control their lands and deter intrusions.

Advantages of the service

Relevance of spatial information

The solution allows to provide forestry enterprises with up-to-date spatial information in a short time.


This is an economically viable way to monitor deforestation.

Stopping illegal deforestation

Aerial monitoring of deforestation using drones provides specialists with a unique opportunity to assess, forecast and prevent possible illegal deforestation.

What will you get?


Detection of deforestation since the last inspection


Real-time felling monitoring


Automated flight process


Minimization of human resources involvement


Affordable cost of works


Automated data processing that eliminates subjective interference


Creating a map with an accuracy of 2 cm


Shooting in cloudy conditions

Get unique opportunities

Thus, the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to identify areas of forest that have been illegally destroyed is to use a drone. Drone images provide information on the condition of the tree cover, areas, and boundaries of the forest. Based on these data, forestries can make inventories of natural resources much easier and faster, stop illegal logging, and prevent the spread of tree diseases.

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