Making braconidae

An effective way of integrated biological plant protection

Application of poachers is a biological plant protection product that is actively used in agriculture. Braconids are a large family of small membranous insects. It infects more than 75 species of harmful scale insects. Destroys about 60 species of pests that affect cereals, cotton, vegetables and melons, as well as fruit crops. They parasitize almost all species of leaf-eating and gnawing scoops, as well as fireflies and fruit eaters, which cause significant damage to crops. They are very active and migrate long distances in search of food. Braconids no longer feed on the eggs of pests, but lay their eggs in caterpillars, such as the beetle, which paralyzes because of this and it soon dies. The combined use of braconids with drones can control plant pests with an efficiency of up to 90%.

Advantages of the service

Advantages of applying poachers for plant biosecurity using drones:

Increase yields

With proper and timely application, the yield increases by 20-30%;


In comparison with traditional agrochemicals, the service of applying biological PPE is 1.5 times cheaper

Soil conservation

Preserving the structure of the upper fertile soil layer

What will you get?


Hhigh productivity: for one flight, which lasts 13-14 minutes, the drone can make beneficial insects on an area of 18-20 hectares


Environmentally friendly pest control


Dosing of biomaterial exactly throughout the territory, thanks to a predetermined route of the drone


Cost savings compared to traditional drugs


Obtaining high yields and increasing productivity by attracting drones

Benefits of the service

The technical efficiency of braconides exceeds 72%. The development of the generation of gabbrobracon riders takes up to 18 days. Up to 10 gabbrobracon eggs can be laid in each larva of the pest. It is enough to populate a hectare of land with 2,000 adults to completely eliminate pests in this area.

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