Technical Director of the Agricultural Enterprise Dashboard

Dashboard is a modern format for collecting and visualizing large amounts of data (in the form of graphs, charts, maps, etc.). Thanks to the information panel, you can receive reports on the real state of affairs. The dashboard for the Technical Director of the Agricultural Enterprise provides comprehensive information about the machines used (tractors, seeders, sprayers, etc.), which helps to optimize the use of the existing equipment.

What will you get?


Displaying information of various types of sensors, both built-in and additionally installed


Full automation of the management of units of equipment in real time: monitoring of the amount of fuel used, data on the need for repairs, downtime, etc.


Automatic detection of problem areas and notification of violations (for example, if a piece of equipment did not leave the field according to the schedule or left its limits)


Information panel is available on any device: TV, PC, tablet, smartphone

Indicators of the information panel

  • showing machines on Map
  • display type of Work
  • work velocity map
  • using navigation operating mode
  • using differential the mode
  • failure codes (history)
  • graph about fuel level in the tank
  • graph about engine load
  • history of failures
  • repair cost
  • engine hours
  • number of engine hours before Maintenance
  • cost of engine hours for the period
  • number of days of downtime
  • Order a service