Farmer Dashboard

The dashboard is a modern format for collecting and visualizing large amounts of data (in the form of graphs, charts, maps, etc.). This is a dashboard with a clear interface for interactive interaction with a huge number of constantly changing indicators. The dashboard for the farmer provides comprehensive information on the structure, condition, and characteristics of agricultural land, composition, condition, and development of agricultural crops, and also allows predicting the yield, reducing the enterprise's costs for various kinds of operational processes (application of seeds, fertilizers, fuel consumption, etc.).

What will you get?


Displaying information from various kinds of data from sensors used in the field of precision farming


Full automation of farm management in real-time: monitoring the quality of agricultural machinery and workers, meteorological indicators, etc.


Tracking the state of maturation of agricultural crops and forecasting their productivity


Automatic detection of problem areas of crops (waterlogging, low evaporation rate, a low percentage of oriental crops, crop ripening state)


The information panel is available on any device: TV, PC, tablet, smartphone

Indicators of the information panel

  • amount of land, land area, average field size, average height difference, end of lease terms for the following periods
  • indices NDVI, NDWI, SAVI, VARI
  • number of fields with anomalies and anomaly index
  • the ratio of crops in the fields now, over the past few years
  • the productivity of the economy by years, based on the tonnage of the crop and the amount of funds earned from its sale
  • grain prices for previous years and today
  • level of vegetation by crops, anomalies with the restoration of vegetation
  • percentage of winter crops with the resumption of vegetation (vegetation anomalies)
  • percentage of area with lagging seedlings (vegetation anomalies)
  • recommendations for water in the nearest sources (for spraying with the reflection of the level of alkalinity, pH)
  • number of equipment available for rent near
  • predicting probable warming based on the history of temperatures
  • daily and annual precipitation in mm
  • messages about deteriorating weather (rain, frost, number of heat days)
  • number of fields with abnormally high evaporation of moisture
  • average soil temperature in the region
  • percentage of fields under snow
  • display of equipment on the map, type of work, application rate, work speeds, fuel level, breakdown history, engine hours, cost of repairs, number of downtime days
  • Order a service