Forestry monitoring

Unmanned solutions for forest conservation

We implement forest monitoring solutions using drones, which are characterized by high speed and maneuverability, provided by the low weight of the device itself, as well as the accuracy of the software. Forest fires kill many hectares of forest, which is the most serious problem. Illegal deforestation is also a big problem, which leads to a deterioration in their quality and total area.

Innovative approach to forestry problems

In forestry, drones help to classify and inventory forest plantations, to identify existing problems, such as:

  • Tree diseases.

  • Pest infestation.

  • Timely notification of fires.

Advantages of the service

Relevance of spatial information

The solution allows to provide forestry enterprises with up-to-date spatial information in a short time.


This is an economically viable way to monitor deforestation.

Stopping illegal deforestation

Aerial monitoring of deforestation using drones provides specialists with a unique opportunity to assess, forecast and prevent possible illegal deforestation.

What will you get?


Detection of deforestation since the last inspection


Real-time felling monitoring


Automated flight process


Minimization of human resources involvement


Affordable cost of works


Automated data processing that eliminates subjective interference


Creating a map with an accuracy of 2 cm


Shooting in cloudy conditions

Get unique opportunities

Aerial monitoring of land resources using drones provides specialists with a unique opportunity to track changes in the land fund. Images obtained from the drone allow you to assess, predict and prevent possible emergencies. Monitoring of forest resources in the fire season makes it possible to identify fires in the early stages, to conduct environmental control, to identify unauthorized activities in nature reserves and historical and cultural monuments. The introduction of such an approach will prevent illegal deforestation, prevent tree diseases and allow to identify fires during the heat, which will preserve the forest fund.

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