Field measurement

Optimization of production processes with the help of contours in the field area

Currently, farms often use a cadastral plan. But practice shows that its differences with reality range from 2-5% of the total area of ​​arable land and up to 30% for individual fields. Remote scanning of fields in combination with ground control measurements allows us to carry out the exact measurement of the sizes, areas, and heights of fields taking into account distortion of factors, such as a relief, support of the high voltage line, roads, and others. Field measurement data allow us to clarify cadastral data on fields and determine the exact amount of costs for field cultivation (seed, fertilizer, fuel, working time). By measuring the fields, you will lay a solid foundation for working with the entire land fund and protect yourself from the risks of losing acreage.

Use the field measurement service to:

  • Know what the exact amount of land is actually under cultivation.

  • To clarify the differences between the area of ​​cadastral plots and the area of ​​fields under cultivation.

  • To exclude from processing problem areas of fields (features of the terrain, soil, and vegetation), which are no longer cultivated, but according to the cadastral plan is still listed as cultivated.

  • Reduce the real costs of each field by excluding uncultivated areas and properly plan the budget of their activities in crop production.

  • Estimate the real income from each field - accuracy in yield planning.

  • To create electronic maps of fields - components of "precision farming".

Advantages of the service

Speed ​​and accuracy

Get the highest resolution image, covering hundreds of acres in one flight. All data are provided with exact coordinates with the accuracy of a detailed study of laboratory analysis.

Different spectrum

Using spectral sensors, you can obtain information not only in the visual spectrum but also in different spectral ranges for the calculation of vegetation indices or mapping of soil distribution.

Versatility of data

The obtained data are universal and can be implemented in autopilot systems of all manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

What will you get?


The exact area of ​​each of your fields


The electronic contour of fields in the format


High-precision orthophotos of each field

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