Farmer's digital platform

Increase productivity with the power of new technologies

The Single Digital Portal is a state-of-the-art innovative software developed and created by IT partners on behalf of the Institute of Precision Agriculture, contains the following main tools:

  • Electronic maps, of agricultural land, soil nutrient content, orthophotos, coverage maps according to agricultural operations, recipe maps, various thematic maps and other raster and vector layers;
  • Use of equipment and monitoring functions, calculation of the treated area;
  • Integration with various external space monitoring systems, various types of weather forecasts;
  • Operational planning of the work, commitment in view of the real reality, obtaining operational plan-factual reports. Integration with all types of on-board systems of modern or modernized agricultural machinery;
  • Creating annual production plans based on technological maps.
  • Functions for automated creation of plans for differentiated application of fertilizers and plant protection products, based on data from aerial photographs, space monitoring, agrochemical research and other sources;
  • Use of systems to support the sharing of solutions based on artificial intelligence;
  • Ensuring the interaction of consumers (farmers) with service providers and others, based on the conclusion of intelligent contracts concluded with the use of "blockchain" technologies;
  • Use of neural networks for various modeling and global control tasks in crop, livestock and other industries;
  • Automatic integration of production accounting in accounting systems.

There are thousands of digital systems and programs for information, management and analysis for all areas of agriculture worldwide, most of them require specialized hardware devices and work only with certain types of on-board systems. Their prices for individual use are unaffordable for small and medium farms.

The Institute for Precision Agriculture, through the Single Digital Portal, has successfully created the world's only "Large Database for Digital Programs", which will be accessible to every user through the "Personal Cabinet", at affordable corporate prices. The "Single Digital Portal" will enable all types of programs for integration with all types of hardware devices and on-board systems of modern or modernized agricultural machinery.

Through Open Procedures (Public Procurement under the Public Procurement Act), we will constantly attract new and innovative products with proven quality and guarantees for operation.

Benefits for farmers

from the implementation of the Geoportal

Integration of field data collection processes

Operational monitoring of equipment

Assistance in planning future crops

What will you get?


Powerful desktop GIS


Smartphone field data collection tools


Remote sensing and UAV control integrated with GIS


Single space ordering services in the agricultural sector, available through the farmer's personal account


GIS Synchronized Analytical Core

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