Crop condition monitoring

Increased control over the work of your company

We provide video monitoring services, which solves the problem of control and the need for a constant presence in the field. Monitoring the condition of crops is the main source of information about their similarity, as well as the presence of weeds, diseases, and other problems in the field. Monitoring allows timely detection of deviations in the growth and development of plants, identify their causes, and make operational management decisions. Monitoring is a time-consuming process. It takes a lot of time. This applies to both large fields and small plots scattered over the territory of several village councils. At best, the agronomist should go to the field and inspect the crops daily. You can always walk down the young stairs into the field. But if the crops are mature - you do not particularly orient. Plants can grow up to two meters in height and above. This greatly complicates the analysis of crops. At the inspection, it is difficult to see a full picture on all fields. And the lack of information is a potential loss. One of the most accessible and effective tools for crop monitoring is the use of drones, which are revolutionizing the appearance of agriculture.

Advantages of the service

The duration of the video is from 3 to 10 minutes per 1 field, with a visual display of the state of the field. All the received material is integrated into the client's agricultural production management system or uploaded to cloud services. It is also possible to view the received material immediately after the flight. The company covers large areas, which gives the opportunity in a short time to see:

  • The real area of ​​the field and its relief.

  • Condition of the field, the presence of puddles saturated with soil salts, flooding, waterlogging.

  • The area of ​​performed technological operations.

  • Quality of performed operations.

  • Condition and dynamics of vegetation.

  • Presence of weeds in the field.

What will you get?

The state of your fields is always up to date

All technological operations under your control

Your security service is always ready

Benefits of the service


Control of all technological operations in your fields


Timely identification of problem areas for decision-making and opportunities to implement it


Improving the security of your business


Reduce costs and increase profits

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