Creating an orthophoto plan

The most reliable reproduced earth's surface

Based on the images obtained from the drone, we form orthophotos, with the accuracy and coordinate system that is needed for your project in the future. They are used to create topographic maps and plans, land inventory, capital construction, and more. Orthophotoplan is a photographic plan of the area on a certain plot of land, obtained by aerial photography with the subsequent transformation of images using orthotransformation methods. In other words, it is a photographic map of the area, glued from a large number of images created vertically down from a given height, which makes it possible to reproduce the earth's surface with maximum accuracy. To obtain an orthophoto, each original image is transformed so as to remove distortions that occur due to the terrain and the method of obtaining the image. As a result, each image is reduced to a plan projection, in which each point of the terrain is observed clearly vertically. And then a set of images is converted into a single image.

What will you get?

Orthophotoplanes created with the help of drones are characterized by high visual informativeness. They will be a great help in the work of construction and engineering organizations, for surveying, for geologists, ecologists, and zoologists.

Orthophotoplan will help solve the following problems:

  • Сadastre and land management.
  • Map updates.
  • Municipal administration.
  • Monitoring of territories.
  • Architecture and construction.
  • Geological works.
  • Design and survey work.
  • Creating a cartographic database for various applications.

How is the process of creating an orthophoto plan?



At this stage, information about the object under study is collected and studied. The route is drawn up by drones, the coordinates of control points are determined and they are fixed on the ground using the equipment. The optimal height and speed of the drone are selected taking into account the parameters of the floor and the size of the territory.



In accordance with the flight task, the drone takes photos of the area in automatic mode. An optical or special spectral camera is used for this purpose. The resulting set of photos after the necessary processing becomes the basis of the orthophoto with reference to the coordinates in the field.



All the obtained data are imported into a special photogrammetric program and are processed, starting with the construction of a coordinate system and a dense cloud of points and ending directly with the construction of an orthophoto plan. The results are provided as files in the formats * .jpg, * .dng, * .cdr, * .tiff and many others.

Quality improvement

An orthophoto plan is indispensable for creating cartographic materials and determining the coordinates of objects, during engineering searches and cadastral works. Not so long ago, the original cartographic information for its creation was obtained using analog cameras installed on aircraft. And it was quite expensive. Whereas drones determine coordinates to within a few centimeters. Shooting depends on the weather conditions to the least extent. As a result, the use of drones can significantly reduce the cost of aerial photography, and most importantly - to improve quality many times over.

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