Creating a photographic plan of the reservoir

Visual data on the state of water bodies

With the help of the service of creating a photographic plan of the reservoir, you will get the most accurate display of the state of the river network or lake. The team of our professionals with the help of drones will collect for you, process and provide in the most convenient visual form data on the state of water bodies. Thanks to the obtained result, you can detect overlapping or drying of water resources along the reservoir. This will allow you to identify and eliminate problems that can lead to drought and crop loss in time. Advanced high-definition photography with advanced algorithms is a convenient way to look at the pond without going to the place. As a result of providing the service, you receive a link to the photographic plan of the reservoir with reference to the map of the area.

What will you get?


Water resources research


Updating and detailing existing water resources maps, as well as for the formation of new ones


Control over the use of water resources, solving environmental problems


Detailed survey of reservoirs and analysis of problem areas

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