Application of nitrogen fertilizers

The most rational use of fertilizers

Application of organic and mineral fertilizers is a reliable way to increase soil fertility and increase crop yields. Organic fertilizers improve soil structure, increase the amount of humus and produce a long-term positive effect. We provide customers with nitrogen content based on remote monitoring using drones. For processing and analysis of images and calculation on their basis of vegetation indices, the company uses unique algorithms. Nitrogen is the most important element for a plant to collect biomass. Acting in combination with potassium and phosphorus, nitrogen affects the development of winter crops and their successful wintering. Also, a rapid set of green mass helps to control weeds for useful soil components, increase the final yield, etc. At different stages of the growing season, fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers stimulates plant growth. The most important fertilizer is in the growth phase, when the crop is gaining vegetative mass. Nitrogen is introduced in a form available for assimilation by plants (ammonium or nitrate). One of the main problems when applying nitrogen fertilizers is to correctly calculate the need, because an excessive amount of the substance in the soil can lead to serious environmental consequences.

How is the process of applying nitrogen fertilizers?

Nitrogen application maps are formed on the basis of NDVI maps (normalized relative biomass index), biochemical analysis of plants, crop rotation, planned and applied fertilizer doses and planned yields. By studying these elements, Drone Agro Service provides maps of the required nitrogen doses in different parts of the field. Differentiated application of nitrogen allows to optimize plant nutrition, save on fertilizers, and reduce the chemical load on the soil. Differentiated nitrogen application maps can be used for both manual and automatic adjustment of application doses. They are created immediately before the planned application of fertilizers.

What will you get?

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Application of nitrogen fertilizers

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