Application of herbicides

Timely weed control

Organic production requires a sensible approach to the introduction of plant protection products. Understanding the current situation in the field, we provide an opportunity to save money on the introduction of plant protection products and not to expose to excessive stress areas of the field that are not affected. The peculiarity of the use of herbicides is that you need to strictly adhere to the rules of application. If you exceed the norm - you can damage the culture. Herbicide application maps are formed on the basis of information on sowing and weed development maps obtained from remote scanning. Studying these data, maps of the required doses of herbicide in different parts of the field are formed. Creating maps of weed development allows you to determine in time the need for herbicides and optimally distribute them in the field. Differentiated herbicide application maps can be used for both manual and automatic control of application doses.

How is the process of applying herbicides?

After receiving the coordinates of the contour of the field, information about it (culture, date of sowing, estimated types of weeds) and the desired date of the scan, the individual plan of air scan is agreed taking into account the area and location of the object and phase of culture and weather. This is followed by data processing. Herbicide application maps are provided in the format or otherwise, in agreement with the customer. In addition, a map of the level of weed development is provided and a report on the work done is provided. In addition, the drone is able to handle plants more accurately. If you need to set a specific target for the application of the herbicide, you need to press a special button when the drone is sent to the task site.

What will you get?


Timely weed control.


The most rational use of herbicides.


Increasing the effectiveness of herbicides.


Saving herbicides.

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