"Institute of Precision Agriculture" , is a non-profit association whose main goals are:

  • Joining the efforts of research and development companies, software companies, equipment manufacturers, scientific and educational organizations and farmers in order to support and implement in agricultural production of digital technologies, analysis and processing, automation and robotics, protection methods and others;

  • Development of a web-based software platform for individual access of UAA members to the offered personalized services, supporting optimal methods for extraction of agricultural products;

  • Implementation of modern procedures, technologies and systems for quality management and control and increase of productivity, guaranteeing the good production practice through their compliance with international and European standards;

  • Promoting the opportunities, products and services of its members. Interaction with state bodies and structures for support of agricultural producers. Applying for the use of resources of European funds to support the extraction and sale of products;
"Institute for Precision Agriculture" , is the author and main contractor of a project for digitization of agriculture called "Innovative Hub for Digitization and Biotechnology in Agriculture" , which is a hybrid model from the Unified Digital Platform and “Regional Centers for Digital and Bio Technologies” . "Institute for Precision Agriculture" , with the help of international partnerships, research, development and development, organizations, institutes, laboratories, companies and enterprises, has a huge scientific, technical and experimental potential, as well as extremely competent Scientific Advice. We are proud of our international partners from Ukraine, Italy, Austria, Russia, Poland, Germany and China.


One of the main projects of the Institute of precision agriculture is the creation of a network of regional centers for digital technologies of precision farming (Agrohubs), which provides services to agricultural enterprises using a technical base, certified specialists and a single digital platform that integrates turnkey solutions and scientific and technological initiatives.


Our services are aimed at the preservation, development, and description of agricultural land equipment.

  • Simple and clear interaction.

  • High speed.

  • Flexibility and adaptability in work.

  • Guarantee of result and quality.


This is the platform for exploring and downloading GIS data. You can analyze and combine datasets using maps. Let's achieve our goals together.

  • Integration of field data collection processes, operational monitoring of equipment, assistance in planning future crops.

  • Providing the farmer and agronomist with the means of daily obtaining and analyzing the current situation in the fields.

  • Providing the farm with visual tools for analyzing the dynamics of vegetation and the factors influencing it.

  • A convenient tool for collecting agrochemical parameters.

  • The platform for the accumulation of data important for agricultural production.

  • A convenient farmer portal is available from a mobile device.

  • The platform for ordering services related to agriculture.

Management Board

Chairman of the Board

Borislav Boychinov , BCCI representative in Ukraine - 2004 to 2014 NataAvia Manager

Members of the Management Board

Khazaros Chetinyan , economist, manager of "In balance" Plovdiv

Prof. Mladen Lilov , University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy UCTM Sofia

Prof. Viktor Kononov , Belgorod State Agrarian University, Russia

Borislav Boychinov

Dimitar Slavchev

Science Council

Members of SC

Prof. Mladen Lilov , University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy UCTM Sofia

Khazaros Chetinyan

Prof. Victor Kononov

Ruslan Savchishin

Prof. Anatoly Kovalenko , State Agrarian University in Belgorod, Russia

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